Jigsaw Art Puzzle "Synergy No. 15" 500 Piece

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In addition to offering hours of fun, this 18-inch x 18-inch piece jigsaw puzzle is intricate and challenging. The image is a professional quality print of our original paintings and photos. We hope you enjoy collecting our puzzles.

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, “Synergy No. 15”, uses an original alcohol ink painting by Elisabeth Baerreis. Elisabeth studies and explores the interplay of color in various mediums. She works in glass, watercolor, and gouache. Because she has long worked in glass, the vibrancy of alcohol ink intrigues her. This image is from a series of tiles done using alcohol ink.

Elisabeth works from her studio/gallery in Murphy, NC. Collectors of her work continue to search her out since 1994.

While she works in various mediums, her core style remains. Her work reflects an experienced and meticulously skilled craftswoman and artist.

She is also an avid puzzler, Elisabeth loves a challenging puzzle. For this reason, she specifically chose this series for her first-ever puzzles for sale.

This is square, 18″ x 18″. A sturdy little box with the image keeps your puzzle pieces together. The pieces average about 0.8 inches in size.

boxed puzzle: