Jigsaw Art Puzzle "Synergy No. 10" 500 Piece

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In addition to offering hours of fun, this 18-inch x 18-inch piece jigsaw puzzle is intricate and challenging. The image is a professional quality print of our original paintings and photos. We hope you enjoy collecting our puzzles.

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, “Unblooming Thistle”, is from an original art photograph by Nathan Baerreis
Nathan brings his view of the world to life in his photos. He looks at the world from many perspectives. He documents the unnoticed. The patterns in nature repeat everywhere. Sometimes we don’t see but Nathan’s keen eye helps us see.

This is square, 18″ x 18″. A sturdy little box with the image keeps your puzzle pieces together. The pieces average about 0.8 inches in size. Our puzzles are not only challenging but also make beautiful additions to your collection.