Classic Chignon Comb Handcarved

Designs by Baerreis
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The Corvus style is a functional workhorse of a hair comb. It has 5 prongs and is about 3 inches wide at the top. The prongs are spaced approximately 1/4" apart. It is hand carved and crafted in Southern Appalachia by Phil & Martha who are well known for their high-quality hair accessories and designs


Phil & Martha start with a sketch and design their hair accessories with you in mind. They start with raw lumber, then draw the fork on it. Then they cut the basic shape of fork on their scroll saw, and using knives and sandpaper, finish the fork to make it soft and smooth. They finish it with their personal blend of oils and waxes to make it water resistant and preserve the wood. Then they sign it, and package it with a velour bag for storage.