Posted by martha on 28th Oct 2022

Welcome to

Leaf-looking season is here, our mornigs are crisp and cool, afternoons warm.  The sky is blue and cloudless.
We are finally settling into our new location on Willow Street .. It seems the past couple of years have been among the most challenging of our life as artisans..

Yet we perservere.  We are what we make!

Phil is in the workshop working on a new bandsaw box that will be ready next week.. Martha (me) is at the computer this morning.  I think we have figured out how to list our finished pieces on the new web site.  Today will tell the tale.

We are keeping the gallery open Tues - Saturday from noon to four (phone on the door will bring us over from our studios most any time).

Elisabeth's faerie/butterfly resin earrings are a big hit..  as are her original water color cards, mobiles, suncatchers and fused glass.

Nathan has sent some work with Sara Lambert (UberKio) to faeriecon up north in Maryland this weekend..  He has made a stack of Christmas trees for the CCAC to let children decorate during the wing-ding on Dec 3.. 

The national Christmas tree will start its trek to Washington, DC here in Murphy on Sunday, Nov 6..  

Our new sign will be up on the corner on Monday..  

We are busy, sometimes feel like we are spinning our wheels, but making progress..  one step at a time.