16th May 2023


We haven't been good at communicating lately - but we have news!

You know we have been about this for a bit - over 50 years now .. Covid about took us out.  sales and traffic to our gallery plummeted, we downsized but the traffic is slow to come back..  We could not continue to dig a hole - one so deep as to feel insurmountable.. 

Fortunately, we have been accepted back into the Chattanooga Market!!  Our first market day is Sunday, May 21st.   Nathan is making a sign for the booth - we love it!  

The past couple of three weeks we have been sorting and dusting off, cleaning out display equipment.. and making beautiful things for the market! The display was scattered,  in use at the gallery, stuffed into corners..

It is so exciting.  a LOT of hard work for sure..  but good work. Hopeful work.  

We sold our truck so we are going to be hauling the display on top of our 2005 Nissan Sentra.  I wlll be adding photos..  

Don't laugh at us, we are looking forward to a great year..  We have chosen our new path.

Gallery 26 is not going away  -  it is still open.  If the door is closed, text or call and we will come out our studio and open it for you!